Meet Makena Sage – copywriting master, marketing strategist, and world traveler with coaching in her genes!  She grew up all over the US – and the world – with her parents being early adopters / pioneers of sorts in the coaching world.  I can’t say enough about her passion, focus, and maturity far far FAR beyond her years.

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Such a fun and fantastic day photographing Jovanka! She is just a bundle of warmth and energy and being around her is so invigorating!

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Living in Los Angeles has many perks and for a photographer, the lighting is at the top of the list. Practically every “golden hour” in Los Angeles feels like a magic that everyone shares in. Add to that one beautiful, elegant, sweet and down to earth lady to photograph and you have a photographers and clients perfect day of collaborating. I had such a wonderful time photographing and getting to know Laura; she is gorgeous not just on the outside, but on the inside as well, and her confidence and grace just flow effortlessly.



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Shooting Inga Spouse in Shoreditch, London was SUCH a pleasure.  Isn’t she just so CUTE?  She kinda reminds me a bit of Annie Hall, who is actually I’d have to say my most favorite-est movie character of all time.  Funnily enough – Inga had no idea who or what I was talking about, which made her even more Annie Hall-like to me.  La-di-da, la-di-da… (I guess the Brits aren’t big followers of Woody Allen, but then again these days, who is?)  Inga is a master at the psychology of websites – what makes us respond, how websites makes us feel and behave, and how to get a website actually Doing Its Job Properly.  So of course, she is a very visual person, and being that she lives quite a ways outside of London proper, she was happily snapping snapping snapping away herself, all the live long day.  I loved watching her stop at little nooks and crannies, always seeing something worthy of a quick snap – and she is FAST on the trigger with her cute little blue pocket cam.  She was just wild – her EYE for things really got me.  I found myself trying to find things to point out, to see if I could understand  her unique eye for all the Little Things.  An odd window, a sticker on a wall, a cup full of straws… This photoshoot could not have felt LESS like work.  We got several coffees throughout the day, green juice, and we stopped for sushi at “Itsu”, a popular take-away chain which I have become obsessed with, and Inga I think loved it as well.  The seafood in London was really spectacular.  I had the Best Fish of My Life at Wright Brothers (I’ll see if I can dig up a snap of Laura Husson leaning against their bar…I ate there 3 nights in a row, which made them friendlier to me grabbing some quick shots…)  I just love Inga’s casual English country-ish style, so easy and relaxed.  I think it makes her seem quite trustworthy, which she is, so likeable, relatable, real, un-pretentious… Sort of JCrew meets Anthropology perhaps?  Ooh I just wanted to crawl into her suitcase full of preppy button downs and piles of scarves – oh the scarves!  Inga is simply SO INGA.  Don’t you love people like that?  They’re just so THEM.  Hopefully I can coax her into London next time for a little pub crawl slash instagram excursion…

For photographers: I LOVE me some cool fun walls, but let me tell ya, it can be tricky, these walls ya see.  Ideally, I like a wall that is not in direct sunlight – I try to never shoot in direct sunlight unless the sun is very, very low (extend your arm all the way, close one eye and hold your palm to the horizon – if there’s more than two palm widths between horizon and the sun, I consider that to be quite a high Sun still…)  I try to scout walls, but it can be tricky – if you really are set on a wall, you might want to scout it at different times of the day – of course, if you have a nice even cloud cover, that can be nice for subduing the harsh shadows on the face.  I’m sure you have noticed harsh shadows and direct sun-light in fashion photography…but even with a 20 year old supermodel face, a lot of photoshop still happens, and it takes a skilled model to not get all squinty-faced.  As a rule, I usually prefer to do all the inside shots first, and then pack up and go do all the location stuff when the sun starts to get lower, so I try to find walls that get shade in the afternoon.  Good luck getting me up with the sun… On instagram if you search #CWwallsLA you can find my obsession with the walls, locations, descriptions of light, and what a wall is FACING (which is important…you don’t want your subject’s face getting any blue/orange/green bounce off of a nearby hideous building… POOLS also can throw an ugly aqua tint onto faces, especially if you are shooting at a pool that doesn’t get great light (like the courtyard pool inside the Viceroy Santa Monica.)  Rooftop pools get great light.  Bring a ten spot or two incase you need to buy yourself into the good graces of the staff while it dawns on them that you aren’t an official guest.

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