I had known Hillary just a little bit when she reached out about needing new pictures for her Spirtual Life + Career Coaching website www.HillaryRubin.com  It had been about 7 years since her last pro photos!  I knew she wanted a major upgrade and a new pro look, but still we needed to capture her spirit, authenticity and approachability.  We were actually able to use her home (which had nice big windows, with lots of indirect natural light pouring in, plus a couple carefully placed polystyrene reflecting boards) as well as her backyard (when the sun got low enough that this little corner of the yard was not being battered with harsh direct sunlight).  Hillary had just turned 40 if you can believe that, and even though she looks amazing and is a yoga master and dedicated health food expert, she still (naturally) had some fears, as we almost all do.  I made sure to show her the #BackOfCamera shots that were the very best, and when she saw how they were lit and framed, she gained a new boost of confidence and it was playtime!  Check out more at www.HillaryRubin.com

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